BAM Consultancy was established in 2005 to serve the growing need of Business Administration and Management services both nationally and internationally. It is a company owned by innovative Basotho women, who are qualified in various areas of the business industry, and it has been growing exponentially since its inception to date. Using extensive analysis of organizational requirements, we are in position to provide innovative, user friendly applications and solutions that can prove indispensable for company utilization.


– To emphasise on techniques and processes that engage clients in analysis and strategy formulation, thus  facilitating “ownership” and implementation  of results;

-To practice knowledge sharing, technology and skill transfer;

-To vest the highest priority to building long term relationships with clients and structuring our services in response to their evolving needs;

-To remain totally committed to helping our clients achieve a measurable performance improvement.

-To be the most competitive in service delivery and pricing of our services and products! 


We are committed in delivering a wide range of business administration and management services to the community.

Because “we mind your own business”, we make it our business to provide exceptional services tailored for your business to your satisfaction.

We view the autonomy of a company that can work in partnership with its stakeholders as a driving force towards its success.

A business can achieve excellence in its domain of expertise if it concentrates extensively on its core activities.