Advanced Functions in the File Menu

·Consolidating companies
·Export / Import
·Data integrity
·Send and receive accountant data
·Printer / font setup

Advanced Functions

·User Setup
·Creating a new entry type
·Editing the tax box
·Purchase of an asset
·Tax in the General Journal
·Using a salaries and wages control account

Advanced Customer Functions

·Multiple delivery addresses
·Discounts and special prices
·Make one for all feature
·Processing an RD cheque
·Accounting for bad debts
·Mail merge feature

Advanced Supplier Functions

·Additional cost invoices
·Processing invoices with customs tax

Advanced Functions in the Change Menu

·Delete history / clear files
·Delete inactive Customers / Suppliers
·Open item / balance forward conversions
·Reconcile / unreconcile cash book
·Renumber codes
·Block Customers / Suppliers assistant

Advanced Functions in the Utility Menu

·Control centre
·Microsoft Office integration

Other Advanced Functions

·Forms designer
·Inventory selling price adjustment

Sage Pastel Report Writer

·Identifying the different syntaxes
·General Ledger Report Writer