Introduction to Projects and Project Management

  • Characteristics of Projects Project Management processes
  • Project Phases
  • Project Management Methodologies
  • 10 Knowledge areas of Project Management
  • Case Studies

Structuring the Organisation for Project Work

  • Two Basic Structures
  • The Matrix Structure
  • Project Offices and Project Support Offices
  • Case Studies

Initiating and Defining the Project

  • The PM Plan Project Charter and Kick-off
  • The Scope Statement
  • Controlling Changes to the Scope The WBS
  • Responsibilities
  • Case Studies

Project Time Management

  • The Importance of Scheduling  Gantt Charts
  • Network Diagrams
  • The Critical Path and Float
  • The Workload on Resources
  • Case Studies

Advanced Scheduling and Network Analysis

  • Pert Scheduling
  • Cost & Time Scheduling
  • Trade offs
  • Case Studies

Project Control

  • The Control Process
  • Earned Value
  • Project Closure
  • Case Studies