Sage Partner Payroll Basic Software Training

A fundamental course for every Sage Partner Payroll user!

  • How to create your payroll company and ensuring that it is set up correctly the first time round.
  • How to create and link Cost Centres, Pay Points, Job Codes and Occupations.
  • How to create employees and maintaining employee data.
  • Setting up, adjusting and processing of leave and leave taken.
  • How to set up a payslip for an employee and ensuring that all the statutory transactions are entered.
  • Capturing overtime and other additional payment information.
  • Understanding and changing transactions to suit specific processing requirements.
  • Setting up and processing Electronic Bank Transfers (EFTs). (Applicable for selected countries)
  • How to print the payslips.
  • Which reports to print at month end.
  • How to amend a payslip in the event that a mistake was made.
  • Making backups of your payroll information.
  • Updating into a new pay period and closing off a month successfully.